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heather alvey
Heather Alvey - Owner

Growing up in Alaska, there were always cats in Heather’s family home. When she moved to Grand Forks, she and her housemates took in Killer (pronounced Ky-lur), a tiny stray with a severely damaged tail. Killer grew up to be a healthy, well-adjusted cat, now living in Minneapolis with Heather and her husband, Jason, as well as fellow kitties Boomer and Impy (truth be told, Killer would be just as happy without all the additions).

Ten years ago, after about a decade of being friends’ and colleagues’ go-to cat sitter, Heather took her passion for these critters to the next level by opening Purrsonal Cat Sitting. Now Heather and her crew of talented, compassionate professionals are in high demand, providing care to cats and their families all over the area.


While it is Heather’s business, Purrsonal Cat Sitting is more than just a one-woman operation. Heather and her employees share visit responsibilities across the client roster. Regardless of who spends time with your cat while you’re away, you can be assured that all employees have been trained by Heather and are covered under her insurance and bonding policy. Most importantly, they all share her love for taking care of cats.
heather alvey
Areas Served: North, Northeast and Downtown Minneapolis, Robbinsdale, Golden Valley (east of Hwy 100) and Brooklyn Center (south of 694 and east of Hwy 100).

Check out our services and testimonials, then give us a call (612-889-9697) or send us an email. We’ll put together a service package that’s right for you!
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