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The comfort of home for the kitties, peace of mind for you..
this is the promise of Purrsonal Cat Sitting

Toothpaste, socks, passport, trashy novels… when you head out of town, you’ve got enough on your mind. You shouldn’t have to worry that your cats aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

That’s where we come in. Add us to your itinerary – whether it’s a quick trip to the cabin or a three-week trek through Indonesia.

But let’s be real. It’s not all about you. While you’re gallivanting about, your cat gets to enjoy:

  • The reduced stress of staying in his or her home
  • The security of not being exposed to illness or other animals in kennels
  • Oodles of personal love, attention, and play time
Avoid the hassle and stress of transporting your cat to a kennel
No need to impose on friends & neighbors
Your home will be visited daily, giving it a “lived in” look to deter break- ins
Areas Served:  North, Northeast and Downtown Minneapolis, Robbinsdale, Golden Valley (east of Hwy 100) and Brooklyn Center (south of 694 and east of Hwy 100).
If you and your cats are in need help with behavior contact Felidae Behavior Consulting.
Check out our Twitter account for fun photos of our cats, Impy & Boomer, as well as tips and ideas for training, enrichment, and caring for your cats. We'd love to see your cats too, tweet us your photos!
Take a look at our YouTube channel for videos of our cats as they learn tasks with clicker training, enrichment ideas, and of course, videos of them having fun!

Purrsonal Cat Sitting is a service that comes to your home to care for your cats. We do not offer boarding.