We provide a variety of services to make your time away easy on you and your cats.

Services for your cat, we will:

  • Refresh food and water
  • Clean the litter box
  • Administer medication as directed
  • Playing and play and play
  • Brush fur
  • Offering lots of love and attention

For you, we will:

  • Bringing in the mail and newspaper
  • Watering plants
  • Turn lights on/off, raise and lower blinds
  • Fulfill other requests, as determined in advance


  • We offer morning or twice-daily, 30-minute visits
  • If you prefer a longer visit, up to two 15-minute increments can be added
  • For the safety and happiness of your cat, we do not conduct every other day visits

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Areas Served: North, Northeast and Downtown Minneapolis, Robbinsdale, Golden Valley (east of Hwy 100) and Brooklyn Center (south of 694 and east of Hwy 100).

Check out our services and testimonials, then give us a call (612-889-9697) or send us an email. We’ll put together a service package that’s right for you!
If you and your cats are in need help with behavior or nutrition, contact Felidae Behavior Consulting.
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Take a look at our YouTube channel for videos of our cats as they learn tasks with clicker training, enrichment ideas, and of course, videos of them having fun!

Purrsonal Cat Sitting is a service that comes to your home to care for your cats. We do not offer boarding.