Going out of town or on vacation became a lot less stressful knowing that Heather was going to be stopping by to visit with Andy and Alex. Our two cats truly enjoy Heather and it is safe to say that they may be a little spoiled when she comes to visit! We had a unique situation last summer that required Heather to visit with our cats for over 3 weeks straight. We never had any doubt that they were well taken care of and loved.
--Golden Valley
Although Butilka hates us going out of town, he's always happy to know that he can look forward to a visit from the Purrsonal Cat Sitting crew!
–Rebecca Y., Minneapolis
"Heather came to me as a referral. When I talked with her I had to mention that I have a very “special” cat! His name is Monte and although he loves me very much, he doesn’t take to others well at all. In fact, he is what I call chucked full of “cattitude”. Heather saw this as an opportunity and the first visit was a bit challenging but she did not give up. The special notes on the counter after each of her visits got better and better with time. Meaning Monte was actually semi friendly to her. Now he looks forward to seeing her. She plays with him using his favorite toys ---the thing he likes best! I now for the first time feel completely okay with leaving Monte while I vacation.

Heather also is wonderful in making my home look like someone has been there while I am away. She spends quality time with Monte and I know she is a true cat lover!! I can’t say enough good things about Purrsonal Cat Sitting! I highly recommend their services! "
–Cheryl Cappucci, Golden Valley. MN
Heather has been fabulous with cats. We have moved to New England and back in less that two years and I travel frequently so they were fairly freaked out. Two of them are very shy and wouldn't come out for anyone. They love her and come out to vist and play when she comes over. Heather has helped them Meow Minnesotan again.
--Jean Rarick, Minneapolis, MN
Traveling is easy now that we've found Purrsonal Cat Sitting. The owner, Heather, is a total professional. She goes above and beyond what is required and our cats are thrilled to see her.

Our three "babies" are typically skeptical of new people. However, with Heather they purr, roll on their backs, and treat her like one of the family.

Her prices are fair and what we really like is the communication and contact. She leaves us thorough notes each day on each cat.

If you're looking for someone to treat your "babies" like you do, look no further - you'll be very happy.
--David Ehlen, Minnetonka, MN
Minnie Lou
I wonder if you have experienced the same thing from your cats as I have from mine. For years, each time I returned from a week-end or week-long trip during which the kitties have had someone come in to take care of their daily needs, my cats, Minnie Louise and Emily, had shocked looks on their faces and they acted somewhat shell-shocked for the first several hours after my arrival home. The happy news is that those types of looks and behaviors aren1t happening any more since I began using Heather1s services. Now, when I arrive, they get up to greet me, appear very happy to see me but not relieved, none of the, "oh my gosh where have you been!," looks.

I think what's different about Heather from other cat sitters is that she acts more like a good friend to the kitties and less like someone simply doing cat upkeep chores. My sense is that Heather actually has her focus on the cats' whole health, which ncludes heart-health. She washes their water dishes and cleans their boxes not only because those tasks are on her checklist but because it's good for the kitties and she genuinely cares about them. She spends, I¹m sure, the bulk of her 30 minutes here petting, brushing, holding, and playing games, tailored to each of my cats¹ wants and needs. I think leaving Emily and Minnie Lou at home is probably a little lonely for them, yet their opportunity to spend quality time with their friend Heather has become a special side-shoot of my trips.

I strongly recoommend Heather's Purrsonal Cat Sitting.
-- Minnie Lou and Emily's Person, Minneapolis, MN
“Purrsonal Cat Sitting is on the top of my speed dial list! I travel frequently for work, and it is so comforting to know that Bailey is loved and well-cared for while I'm gone. His ears perk up when I tell him that the sitter is coming to visit, and I especially enjoy the daily status reports. I highly recommend this service!”
-- Jennifer S., Shakopee, MN
Heather rocks! Since she’s been watching my cats, I’ve seen a dramatic change in their behavior. They used to spend their days sleeping or eating or chasing their tails. Now, they’re productive members of society. They can be seen around the neighborhood registering voters, helping seniors understand Windows XP, and picking up litter. Heather takes great time and energy with these cats and I wouldn’t trust them to anyone else.
-- Kasey Ross, Minneapolis, MN
“We have a new kitten and had to leave town one week after he moved in. We were so worried to leave him alone and felt extreme guilt. But, the guilt subsided when we met Heather. She came to the house the day before to ask questions and familiarize herself with our home and our kitten. She is very responsible and took great care of him. We will call Heather every time we leave town, as we know our kitten will be in good hands.”
-- Christine Denton, St. Louis Park, MN
cody abby
Cody & Abby
“When I first sought out a pet sitting service, I was apprehensive about entrusting my beloved pets and home to a complete stranger. All my fears were put to rest when I first met Heather. After a brief visit with her at my home to meet the cats and go over details regarding the house, I had complete confidence and trust that everything would be well attended to in my absence. When I returned home from a long 10-day trip, the playtime and regular schedule she kept really showed. My cats were so happy and relaxed, and I was so relieved to have discovered Purrsonal Cat Sitting and Heather.”
-- Kathy A., Minneapolis, MN
“Heather is totally trustworthy and thorough. She leaves detailed notes about her visits. Our cats are happier after spending time with her than before we leave! We highly recommend this service to anyone who loves their cats.”
-- Mark & Andrea Parrish, St. Louis Park, MN
"Purrsonal Catsitting has always taken excellent care of our two precious kitties, Harry and Sally. One time Sally wasn't feeling well while we were out of town and Anne came back extra times to check on her each day without being asked! We were very moved by how concerned she was about our cats. The cats miss us when we're gone but they seem much more at peace when they get to stay in their own house and have someone come visit them and play with them each day."
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